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Superior Education

Our education programme is comprehensive and provides expert knowledge on the skin and ingredient technology. All our education is free to our partners and is trained by a professional skin expert who is fully trained in advanced skin knowledge. 
Our educators undergo an extensive training programme to be able to teach the brand, professionals deserve professionals. 
We offer both skin, product and business related classes


Next Generation Skincare 

The OMICS Science for ageing studies the genetic changes in the skin that is influenced by the consumer’s chronological clock (age), lifestyle, environment and life story. These factors cause functional and structural changes to the skin which are referred to as visible signs of ageing. The
study of skin biology measures the influences and changes to the skin by focusing mainly on the ageing process. In this manner, much 
information relating to biology has been gathered and helps determine the markers that indicate certain types of ageing and which actives to
 develop that will minimize the effects thereof.

The studies are aimed at:
DNA – for a younger perceived skin to improve moisture content of the skin and to help with skin repair.
Genes – for rebuilding the skin and improving the lifespan of skin cells, thereby improving wrinkles and decreasing the effect of glycation.
Epigenome – for environmental control and improved cell communication to improve wrinkles and skin texture.

All this research has now come together with a prestigious, high performance range of skincare products with a smart and futuristic treatment approach that taps into scientific advances and technologies to meet the inherent needs of the skin. Nimue Skin Technology employs intelligent age
management mechanisms that target skin cells to reactivate skin’s youth and influence skin health positively. The Age Intelligent skin treatment range is in line with Nimue’s philosophy which places specific focus on treating the cause and reducing the symptoms of ageing skin.


Professional Only

We remain proudly professional only, supporting skin therapists as experts in skin knowledge and treatment. You will not find us on the high street or online. It is our choice to keep our products of high quality and with futuristic technology that they should be prescribed by a trained skin expert. 
Everything that we do is in support of the professional industry. 

Watch our video on our transdermal solutions that are utilised in our professional treatments, each with their own clinical claim.


The Science 

Nimue uses the highest grade of the latest scientifically based ingredients derived from biotechnical and natural sources, used synergistically in innvative delivery systems to effectively treat targeted skin conditions.
The introduction of Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Amphoteric AHA's in the correct concentration, combination and strength as well as Vitamin A and antioxidants, such as Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin C and E Esters and encapsulated Vitamin A, C and E, is considered one of the most significant breakthroughs in advanced skin treatment.
Support ingredients such as Encapsulated Tea Tree Oil, Encapsulated Retinol, UV Filters, L-Ascorbic Acid, Enzymes, Pigment inhibitors, Peptides, plant Stem Cells and Phytoceutical ingredients such as Soybean and Rice Protein, Kigelia Africanan and essential oil blends wor in synergy to clear, refine and renew skin down to its deeper layers. 
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Meet one of our team members and see how you can incorporate Nimue into your business. 

Nimue is legendary for it's pioneering innovations, results and world class formulations based on the effective treatment of various skin conditions.
Originally developed in 1994 by a leading plastic surgeon, Nimue has over 20 years experience in delivering optimal skin health. Working with forward thinking, leading Cosmetic Scientists, Cosmotologists, Microbiologists and Pharmacologists who are thought leaders in their fields of expertise, Nimue ensures that each new launch brings ground-breaking new technology and results to the skin. 
Utilising 12 sophisticated delivery systems to ensure efficiacy, Nimue does not need machines to penetrate the actives. Further, leading the way in thinking and design, Nimue's homecare products are refillable and recyclable plus none of our products right down to our raw ingredients are tested on animals. We are are free of parabens, SLS, lanolin, and other skin aggressors and we have never used microbeads in any of our exfoliators. 
Nimue is a brand that you can trust that will lead you confidently into the future. 

Innovative, Scientific Skincare

Brand Ambassador 

International super model and business woman, Helena Christensen, aged 47 is the global brand ambassador for Nimue Skin Technology. 

In this video, Helena shares her top tips for staying beautiful. 

Our Leading Cosmetic Scientist

In line with our philosophy of influencing structural and functional changes in the skin through unique and innovative delivery systems, Nimue's R&D team is led by Dr Juanita Killian. 

Dr Killian is a leader in the field of transdermal skin solutions, in which she holds a phD, she is constantly seeking ways to effectively impact the targeted cell without the need for high levels of chemicals on the skin. She truly believes in creating optimal skin health through a thorough understanding how the skin works and what is causing the symptoms being displayed on the skin. 

Dr Killian is constantly pushing the boundaries in skincare to achieve the next generation in effective and functional products. 

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